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broken does not mean unworthy.

Tired of feeling like the broken pieces
of your life have no purpose?


I've been there. Sometimes I still am there. But now I have coaching tools and qualifications to help you through what I've learned along the way.

Jesus wants our everything - even the broken parts.

In the Bible, Mary went to Jesus and poured out a broken alabaster jar of perfume at His feet. Everyone questioned what she was doing, but Jesus honored her worship. Mary had faith that Jesus could do the seemingly impossible. Her faith and act of worship was a beautiful example of how we should live out our lives.

Do you want to experience transformation
in ALL areas of your life?

I help women find wholeness through creating habits, becoming confident in their God-given identity, & surrendering every part of their lives to Jesus.

Bethany, IN

Ashley's life coach group appeared on my FYP when I needed it the most. I was in a really anxious time in my life and life was extremely overwhelming. Having weekly check ins, a partner, and meetings regularly really became something I looked forward to. I found support in each and every girl within the group and didn’t feel alone. In every moment being redirected the the Lord at the same time just helped me keep focus. It’s been a few months since it ended and I still reference my notes from the meetings regularly when I need the reminders. 

Saige, FL

Ashley led a very organized and inspiring group. Every session had a clear schedule and direction to it with great visits to the scripture, accompanied by insightful discussions. It was something that I looked forward to every week! She was very sweet and knowledgeable on all topics of discussion! 

Ivy, IN

Having Ashley as a life coach was such a blessing! She genuinely cared about our problems and our goals no matter how big or small. Her knowledge on the Bible and on life was beyond anything I will ever be able to grasp. You can tell she really loves the lord and loves helping people. Because of her life coaching I have been able to continuously reach my goals and set higher ones. I’ve learned different ways to come to God and different ways to worship God. I wouldn’t want anyone else as my life coach. 

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